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Christmas Day is in two weeks, so looking forward to winding down and enjoying a week off from work to reflect on 2022, replenish my… Read More »Believe

Been Too Long

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Nothing gets me thinking more than having a project that requires digging for stuff I’ve long not thought about, much less recall where the photos,… Read More »Been Too Long

Twila’s Haven

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It’s not much, some bushes, shrubs and indiscriminately placed annuals. In several areas, the mulch is thinned to bare ground. But in inclement and colder… Read More »Twila’s Haven


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Harmony, peace, compassion, happiness… the world would be a better place with more of each. My days are fraught with inner struggles, challenges, and hopeful… Read More »More

What I Know

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Social media is an enabler, a tactical communications vehicle with often immediate impact. Those in one’s circle of “friends” can view and respond, if they… Read More »What I Know


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It’s December and borderline frigid outside… but I’m thinking lemonade. While 2016 has been less than a banner year, it’s all but over and it’s time… Read More »Lemons

Never Forget

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I’m not one to often contemplate the past, whether good or bad. No one knows how much time we each have left, so I do my best to… Read More »Never Forget

Time Away

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A panicked cry, a frozen moment, a desperate drive, ending with the pain of loss. It happened so fast, we miss our sweet Yorkie so… Read More »Time Away