What I Know

Social media is an enabler, a tactical communications vehicle with often immediate impact. Those in one’s circle of “friends” can view and respond, if they so choose, to commentary and pics (and sadly memes) expressing what we believe or believe to know about everything from soup to nuts.

Admittedly, I once participated in virtual verbal jousting on various topics, which left me feeling unfulfilled and guilty about my self-indulgence and arrogance. So I stopped. First, I ceased commenting on posts on divisive topics. Then, by deleting the most impactful application off my phone, Facebook (FB).

Reflection began to fill the time previously spent on FB, and the realization that what I know (or think I know) is of little value unless backed by meaningful action. Be it feeding myself music, literature, topical research, taking time to improve my health and well-being or volunteering in service to my family, local communities, veterans, causes, etc., words and thoughts followed by fruitful action brought me to a new level of enlightenment.

Now, I’m no Mother Teresa or Bill Gates, but even small steps along the uphill climb of life become strides that sum into milestones. These actions based on faith and what I believe, can lead to meaningful accomplishments that require no post or comment, have the potential to bring immeasurable inner peace and joy.

As I listen to Coltrane’s rendition of “I’ll Wait and Pray” and finish the last few sips of coffee in my mug, what I know is that I’m grateful for this awareness, and what this day may bring.

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