Time Away

A panicked cry, a frozen moment, a desperate drive, ending with the pain of loss. It happened so fast, we miss our sweet Yorkie so much.

Deep heartbreak, just a few days before a Christmas I now couldn’t wait to be over, so I could get back to a “normal” routine. But a steady stream of bad news about friends and family, as well as general unrest in my surroundings ensued for the next few months. During this time, my interest in music, writing, and pretty much all things creative relegated to thought, devoid of activity.

Some days the mud was thicker than others, some days being stuck didn’t matter. Thankfully, the voice in my head kept whispering, beckoning… reminding me, “this too shall pass”.

I’ve come to terms with the fact that this seemingly unproductive time away, fraught with isolation and soul searching, is bringing to light what’s truly important in my life.

As I sipped coffee the soundtrack of this morning’s gentle rain, now grateful for the time away, I enjoyed the cleansing grace of anticipating what lies ahead at peace, with renewed focus.

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