Reinvent the Wheel

Ever heard or said, “no need to reinvent the wheel”?

In concept this makes sense, but in context, perhaps worth a second thought?

The wheel enables much, from transporting things that would otherwise be carried to automation with gears, wheels on axels make life easier.

Might be a stretch, but if i look at the wheel metaphorically, compared to what I know and my capabilities (skills & experience), then I’d say reinvention is not only a good thing, but essential. Otherwise, how do I increase my chances of being productive, solve unforeseen challenges and hopefully leave behind a better world?

It seems strange to essentially be starting over at this juncture in my life. Peers and friends wonder why I’m not thinking about stuff like fishing or taking leisurely trips cross country in an RV instead of embarking on this rather complex paradigm shift. While doubt and conflict grumble in the back of my mind, my heart knows how I’ll regret not meeting this quest head on.

There are multiple possible outcomes to my fluid, yet concise roadmap to “reinvention”. Truth is, it’s more about how I get to where I’m headed, not the final destination.

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