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Seems the more I live, the more I appreciate simplicity. From art to food to how I approach every day. The first chapter of “On Writing Well” (W. Zinsser) focuses on simplicity, and been resonating within my thought process for a couple of weeks now.

Consciously eliminating clutter, whether writing or relaxing, is rewarding. It’s amazing how well crafted words impact the soul. Of course, concise and focused writing takes toil (at least for me), and I’m finding the same for relaxing.

Clearing my mind is not easy. All too often, distractions rule my time. The payoff in eliminating even minimal levels of noise can have significant impact on health and creativity. Making this practice consistent has exponential potential.

This is hard work for me. It’s all too easy to neglect the power of simplicity. So, I’m grateful the gnawing consciousness of practicing “less” has become harder to ignore.

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