I’ll Meet You There

To agree to disagree, a staple of society and democracy. To do nothing about the root of these disagreements, however, is irresponsible and unproductive. Given solutions to issues are infrequently built on black and white answers, compromise is often the only silver bullet to resolution.

How we’ve gotten to the level of divisiveness that all but takes compromise off the table is a topic for another post, but the truth is, we’re paralyzed by a “my way or the highway” mentality. Unresolved monumental issues, those we CAN and SHOULD solve by common sense best practices and mathematics (budget deficits don’t lie), only fester because it’s easier to argue about where a minute fraction of the population should piss. It’s easier to focus on the empty words from a loud mouthed douche than hold those currently in positions of accountability responsible for their actions, or lack thereof.

Just a hunch, but I’m convinced the majority of this country’s population has little to no understanding or interest in the history behind the US’s political process and past elections or how government “should” work. This makes it SO easy for empty rhetoric to start “revolutions” based on porous logic and candy land hopes for change.

What’s most tragic to me, however, are the residual impacts of our nation’s discord. We’re not caring well for the elderly, veterans or the truly needy. The focus on illegal entry to the US seemingly ignores the need to battle cartels enabling epidemic levels of addiction to heroin and death by overdose. Heroic efforts by law enforcement get swept into silence while the media, the current administration and whack job “reverends” benefit from stoking the fires of racism. Common sense, respect and practical skills are no longer taught in schools where compassion isn’t cool, perhaps due in large part to the fact expensive gifts and rewards for simply participating have replaced good parenting and leadership.

There are lots of great mantras, quotes and social media posts identifying solutions, but where’s the action? Can there be action without compromise? Compromise without dialog? Fruitful dialog without commitment to resolution?

I hope we find that place, a place of open discourse, where ideas lead to small steps for solving big problems. If you know of such a place, please send directions… I’ll meet you there.

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