Fresh Start

It’s time to cook up a new web presence, not because I’m all that motivated… let’s just say “technical difficulties” from aging software is forcing my hand. But hey, it’s a new season, Fall, and a new month, October, so why not!

Life is full, so much better than I deserve. We’re well into our 2nd year in Fairview, TN. I’ve met some great people, including musicians that writers that walked Music Row when it was all about “three chords and the truth”. I love hearing stories recounting the history that’s become the “buzz” that is Nashville today.

In the short time TN has been home, however, I’ve seen several rather heartbreaking erasures of landmarks and architecture, all in the name of “progress”. Quaint neighborhoods cast into the shadows of skyward hotels, intertwined with clusters of condos and townhouses. But the clogged highways, bidding wars for properties in high demand areas and a seemingly schizophrenic music industry aren’t deterring the many with the penchant and desire to migrate here and throw their songs and talents into the blender.

Seeing hard work — and I mean painstaking, day in, day out, no bullshit, give everything you got efforts pay off is inspiring. Though my goals are realistic, and the gains modest, I’m so enjoying the nuggets that come from sessions with more polished and experienced writers. It’s been great taking guitar lessons from a journeyman on staff at the Grand Ole Opry, volunteering at a food bank and discovering I’m serving beside the father of the writer for one of Garth’s big cuts, not to mention seeing first hand how a younger generation is changing the face of Music City… pretty darn cool.

I came here to get close to a music center and enjoy small town life in a part of the country rich in history, be in proximity to a wonderful city that’s a haven for artists from all walks of life, surrounded by ridiculously awesome back roads — I couldn’t be more fulfilled.

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