Different Things

Who doesn’t feel conflicted, if only now and then?

For weeks I’ve been looking up out of a pit, staring at stars painting the night sky, keeping the cries muffled, which only makes them louder. Balancing reality and dreams I’ve put on on the back burner, it’s time to formulate a path from my comfort zone to uncharted territory.

Though reaching this decision point is a long time coming, the fact is I’m face to face with uncertainty and the realization that I control only the effort put into pulling myself out of the pit onto the road ahead. Sure, I’ll need to pay attention to the signs, tweak direction, maybe even bounce off a few guard rails. But when I’m tempted to say, “why bother”, and turn back to where things are “easy”… I need to remind myself this means climbing back into the pit.

Thankfully, different things happened to change my point of view – to tell me it’s time. Time to do different things.

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