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Harmony, peace, compassion, happiness… the world would be a better place with more of each.

My days are fraught with inner struggles, challenges, and hopeful objectives. I regularly go about my responsibilities and routines, often without taking time to genuinely care for myself. But on days that I engage in self-reflection, healthy and creative activities, as well as doing something for others, more often than not, in whole or in part, harmony, peace, compassion, and happiness tend to be the result.

Undoubtedly, I also well know what I need more of is in actuality less… less negative influence (whether work or social circles), less time spent brooding over politics in all situations, less wasteful media intake (all flavors).

This morning, as I listen to Ravel string and piano compositions, the fervor and dissonance remind me of the polarized discord in our society. But as the longing and resonant harmonic passion in other passages resolve, I also become aware that my actions are not for the world to dictate, see, or acknowledge, instead to enable me to reach plateaus of fulfillment that in some small way make a difference.

No Chaff, No Wheat

Eliminating noise and baggage from our lives seems a prevailing theme in today’s society. While it’s a perspective in which I find merit, better understanding the shells I seek to shed often consumes my thoughts. What’s the source of my “baggage” and how long have I carried it? When did the “noise” begin and why… Continue Reading