No Chaff, No Wheat

Eliminating noise and baggage from our lives seems a prevailing theme in today’s society. While it’s a perspective in which I find merit, better understanding the shells I seek to shed often consumes my thoughts.

What’s the source of my “baggage” and how long have I carried it?
When did the “noise” begin and why do I allow it to clutter my senses?

These first two questions piqued my muse to ask:

Are there aspects of my life like the hull (chaff) that protects wheat (and other grains) during the growing process?
Is separating the proverbial wheat from the chaff akin to letting go of what weighs me down?

As I pondered the last two questions above, curiosity led me to find that the hull surrounding various grains have varying consistencies. In some grains, the hull is removed by threshing (to loosen the hull) and winnowing (to get rid of the hull). In others, removing the hull is a much or complex process.

While it’s the grain from which nourishment is derived, I find it compelling that grain hulls are used for biofuels, biomass plants, and fillers for consumables such as pillows.

As I marveled at such wondrous design that protects the grain during its growth, without which there would be no crop to harvest, yet, provides for significant value in the hull once the grain is free of the chaff, I asked myself one more question:

Instead of working only at eliminating that which may be stifling creativity or peace in my life, does it makes sense to spend more digging at the roots of these elements in order to reap a greater harvest and a better me?

There’s only one way to find out…

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